FCA Test Automation Framework

As global automotive company, it is essential to have a test automation Ecosystem able to release safe, properly working and well-designed products, and to react to a fast changing environment based on always more increasing requirements and safety rules.

The FCA Hardware/Model/Software In the Loop Test Automation framework (VST) has been designed following these paradigms:

  • Agile approach, to evolve continuously to meet the customers’ need
  • Keyword-based methodology, to facilitate the test design by providing a high-level abstraction layer (reusability, portability, ease)
  • Standardized XIL APIs and OO programming to be independent of the simulation environment while accessing the application under test
  • Global test usability, WEB+DB+desktop IDE to provide the Big/Meta Data management and analytics
  • Openness to third-party tools (ALM) to guarantee the link to requirements and the test traceability

VST numbers: 500 Users; 150K tests; 1M Reports; 100 Simulation stations; 5 Countries; ALM(IBM) Integrated

Plenaria - 9:25
Arianna Vitulano, Senior Test Engineer - FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
NH Milano Congress Center - Sala Scala